“Y dicen que uno no puede vivir sin ciertos órganos vitales y que fuera del cuerpo estos se mueren…..

Y yo vengo a decirles que eso no es cierto, que mi corazón se me                                                                                        

arrancó del pecho y anda por allí, viviendo lejos de mí, dándose un tiempo,

saliendo en la televisión…..”

M. Alejandro García Zavala.

She is red.

M. Alejandro García Zavala

She is red

But she is blue

She’s sleepy and confused

That’s what her Xanax do.

She is weary

And in her heart

She has grow

Just tired of all

She is red

But she is blue

She is just trying to deal

With all the shit she’s been trough

She is a red bullet

But the gun is blue

She brings you down

And still plays it cool

She is made of fire

But the touch’s so cold

She the girl you want to

Grow old and hold

She is red

But she is blue

She’s just 1.50

She’s a dream come true

She’s brave and fierce

But she wants her mind in peace

She plays the red

But she is terribly blue

She is red

And mixes, Xanax with rum

She is really pretty

And Works on television

She is blue

And she wants to be loved

But she is sad and lonely

Away from my room.

She act like red

And she is really so blue

You just can’t have your heart

Beating as crazy, far away from you

And I do love you, Red

More tan you know

Not even thousand poems will ever do

And I love you Blue

You will never know how much

What are you doing?

Come back…

Would you…?

She is red

But she is blue…..