This month we have a chat with a beautiful girl with a great attitude, a fun loving Model currently living and working in Mexico, so let’s find out what is like to be young, bold and beautiful in the biggest city in the world.

Izzy Faith, also known as Leggy Voodo has been living in Mexico for a little over six months, and in that time she`s made a lot of friends and have many adventures, some of which we`ll talk about in this interview.

1 SHOUT: So Izzy first of all thank you for having this chat with us, please let our audience know where you are from and what brought you to Mexico.

My name is Isabelle Faith, but everyone calls me Izzy. I’m a model, artist and anime magical girl in training, from Australia! I came to Mexico on a modeling contract, and have fallen head over heels in love with this country!


2 SHOUT: You sure look like a very outgoing person, tell us a little bit about your personality

Outgoing? Haha I tend to think I’m just a big creep :P.  I guess I try to treat everyday like it’s an adventure, as if I’m just a kid trapped in this giant blonde girl’s body.  I’ve always been sort of an outcast, but here in Mexico even more so, which in a way is kind of liberating…because people are going to stare at me regardless of what I’m doing.  So it makes no difference if I dance in the street, or wear my hair in a mowhawk after a photo shoot, people just brush it off like “ oh it’s that weird foreign blonde girl again”, and I’m free to express myself however I choose.

3 SHOUT: do you think that being Australian give you a different view on Mexico and its problems than let’s say most Americans who may be too afraid to come here?

From what I understand Mexico and the US have kind of a neighbourly love/hate relationship… it’s pretty evident how Mexicans feel about ‘gringas’ when I tell them I’m actually from Australia, not the USA and all of a sudden their whole face changes!

I can’t say I blame them, Americans in general have a pretty warped view of Mexico, but I think Australia’s idea of Mexico isn’t much better,  thanks to all the negative media focus. For example, when my mother found out I was coming to DF, she cried and begged me not to go… she thought I’d be kidnapped by mariachis or the cartel,  (probably whilst they were wearing sombreros and drinking tequila, or something equally as ridiculous).  Most of my friends had the same reaction… But now, these are the same people who, after watching all my adventures via instagram and facebook, say they’d love to travel to Mexico!  So I’m glad I didn’t listen to any of them. It’s also the ONLY time I’ve ever been happy I didn’t take my mother’s advice.  Mexico is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

4 SHOUT: What impressions do you take home about Mexico and its people?

I am absolutely in LOVE with Mexico and it’s people. Truly! I’ve made some incredible friends here, and met my fair share of curious characters.  The friends I’ve made, they treat me like family. And for a girl who came here completely on her own, knowing no-one and very little Spanish, it’s really a testament to the warmth of the people here that after only a few months I have Mexicans I’d call life long friends!  You’re a special breed, that’s for sure!

5 SHOUT: What where your favorite places or things about Mexico (Not counting our delicious food ;))?

There are a few places in Mexico that I think are super special, but here in DF it’s Coyoacan. That place has a little bit of Magic about it, I can’t put it into words, but I feel spellbound every time I walk through  Jardin Hidalgo. In fact, I love Coyoacan so much that I’m planning on having an Aztec inspired coyote tattooed on foot, in honor of Mexico, but especially Coyoacan.

6 SHOUT: Changing the subject a little bit, how was it to work with Mexican photographers.

Haha, I love Mexican photographers! In fact, I’m living with one of them! We met on a magazine shoot, and got on straight away. In fact the whole team on that shoot became my close friends. In general though, Mexican photographers are really laid back, which makes for a great work environment. I love when a shoot feels less like work, and more like you’re hanging out, getting to know some friends, whilst working on creating something together.

7 SHOUT: How different were this experiences of others you may have had in your own country.

The laid back and casual approach Mexicans have to shoots make for a really relaxed, and fun work environment. I mean, some models get frustrated because they’re used to a more precise environment… but for me, I’m usually happy for a shoot to run a little overtime if it means that everyone had a bit of fun, and got to know each other whilst were doing it! No harm in having a little fun on set… all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy right?

8 SHOUT: Did you had any scary or dangerous situation that may change your expectations on anything Mexican (Food, People or Police)?

I had a few run ins with over zealous Mexican men here…. You guys just wont take no for an answer! Just last week I literally had to pick a guy up by the armpits and throw him off the dance floor when he refused to leave my friend and I alone, even after we’d told him we weren’t interested!! But aside from the guys, I’ve never felt unsafe here.

9 SHOUT: After all this experiences in Mexico, would you come back and perhaps bring more friends?

Of course!!! I’m already planning my return! And if it were up to me, I wouldn’t be leaving at all! I can’t say I expected to fall in love with Mexico the way I have, but I’m thankful for every day I have here, and cannot wait to return… hopefully with friends!

10: SHOUT: For those of us that haven’t had the opportunity to travel to Australia, will you please give us a small description about your country.

Describe Australia? Well for starters, we don’t all have pet kangaroos like everyone here thinks we do, hahaha. But it’s a beautiful country, something I often take for granted.  The people are strange but interesting, the weather is fine, and some of our biggest tourist attractions are giant fiberglass sculptures… a sheep, a prawns, a pineapple…. You know.


11 SHOUT: and finally, is there anything you learn or discover about Mexico that you may remember for the rest of your life?

Putting chilli on fruit. SERIOUSLY! The first time I tried mango with tajin, I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven hahah!!  But in all seriousness, Mexico has changed me in more ways than I can count, and all of them for the better. I’m thankful for so many things I’ve experienced here, really, Mexico has stolen a piece of my heart! But if I had to pick one experience, it might be the week I spent with the Helldandys.. a psychobilly band from Tijuana, who just kind of adopted me whilst they were on tour, and took me to goth bars, lucha libre and bought me my first tlacoyo… I love you guys :P.

Izzy once again thank you so much for this chat, we hope next time you visit Mexico you end up staying for a whole lot more time. And be sure to tell your friends back home about Mexico and SHOUT 😉